Refund Policy


The following Refund Policy applies to all paid (hereinafter "") Subscription Services and Premium Memberships.

All Memberships, Premium and free, are bound by the Terms of Use for the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Subscription Fees for will not be refunded if the Membership has been canceled due to a violation of the Terms of Use Agreement.

Annual Non-Renewing Subscriptions

Annual non-renewing subscriptions may be cancelled within seven (7) days of initial registration and the amount paid to Beatniks for this subscription will be refunded in full. Beatniks will terminate the membership at the time of refund.

Annual Renewing Subscriptions

Annual Premium Membership subscriptions may be canceled within seven (7) days of initial registration, or within seven (7) days of the renewal date. Amounts paid for the “current year” by customer to Beatniks for Premium Membership subscription will be refunded to customer in full. Beatniks will terminate the membership at time of refund.

Annual renewing Premium Membership subscriptions may not be cancelled more than seven (7) days after initial registration, or more than seven (7) days after the renewal date for the Premium Membership subscription, Beatniks will not provide refunds under these circumstances.

How to Request Refund

To have your membership or subscription terminated and fee amount refunded:

Call us at (219)-BEATNIK if you have any further questions


Beatniks reserves the right to revise the terms of this Refund Policy. Any changes made will apply to all memberships created or renewed after the date such change was implemented.


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