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At Beatnik Beans we seek the coolest select micro-roasters with the best beans.

As a subscriber, you will dig the groovy coffees we surprise you with each month. As a member of the Coffee Shop community, you can also grab your favorites. No matter what your bag, we vacuum seal to keep it fresh. So ground or whole bean, your java is roasted packed and sealed as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Turn on a friend to Beatnik Beans with a gift subscription. Sharing is what the beatnik generation is all about.

Poets, philosophers, cool cats and chick-a dee's join us on Facebook and Twitter too! The Beatnik Coffee House culture lives on today in the new generation of java drinkers who have had it with the big corp beans.

This Month's Special

This Month's Special!!

July's All American Cup: Celebrate independence from bad coffee with this balanced blend of coffees from North and South America, rich and flavorful, with deep, fudgy chocolate notes and a long, lingering finish. Great for sipping over ice at an afternoon picnic, or to savor while watching evening fireworks.


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